We aim to breed all of our own Bantams, so occasionally we may have a waiting list due to hatching dates.

Light Sussex

The Sussex is a British breed of dual-purpose chicken, reared both for its meat and for its eggs. Eight colours are recognised for both standard-sized and bantam fowl. A breed association, the Sussex Breed Club, was organised in 1903. 

Egg production (annual): 250 

Recognised variety: Brown, Buff, Buff Columbian, Coronation, Light, Red, Silver, Speckled, White
Egg colour: Brown, Cream, Tan


The Wyandotte is an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s. It was named for the indigenous Wyandot people of North America. The Wyandotte is a dual-purpose breed, kept for its brown eggs and its yellow-skinned meat. It is a popular show bird, and has many colour variants. 

Egg production (annual): 200 

Recognised variety: Barred, Black, Blue, Blue Laced Red, Buff
Egg colour: Brown, Tan


The Pekin Bantam is a British breed of bantam chicken. It derives from birds brought to Europe from China in the nineteenth century, and is named for the city of Peking where it was believed to have originated. It is a true bantam, with no corresponding large fowl. 

Egg production (annual):90-95

Recognised variety: Barred, Birchen, Black, Blue, Buff, Columbian, Cuckoo, Lavender, Mottled, Partridge, Silver Partridge, White
Egg colour: Brown